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How Do I Find Love

By George Josserme

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A MOTHER WAS ONCE CONVERSING WITH HER SON ~who was in his teen years~ about how do we find love. She told her son... "when someone tells you 'i love you,' in silence and to yourself, you say 'show me.'" That mother's wise advice to her son clearly unveils that we should 'show' before we find 'where and how do I find love.'

How you and I find love heavily depends on whether or not we both have kept reasonably intact during our formative years human qualities of a higher order needed to do what is proper and correct. Some of those qualities involve expressing the good feelings of our heart and pass them on to others including animals.

"...but how do I find love?" It will come to you proportional to the abundance of love in your heart. It will arrive in the life of a good man or woman who out of their good treasure send out good things to others. It will be embedded in our lives according to the cleanliness of our brotherly affection, tender compassion to animals as well as the honesty of acts of love that we offer to others.

What you just read means that it is not realistic that you and I can find love in exchange for nothing. It is realistic that you and I can find love if we ~without any vestige of pretense~ give love before we ask for it. Let's remember that to give or to find love does not apply to a person of the opposite sex only, but to everyone; and that includes animals.

Pay attention to what comes next.

There is someone out there making a note for every act of ours. He can see intents of our hearts. He can perceive what is in our minds. He can tell honesty and observes our intents, acts of love, affection, and compassion to see if we 'show them.' He assess how good we do away with hostility and anger, resentfulness, bitterness, deceitfulness, envying one another, insincerity, hypocrisy, jealously, backbiting, hollowness, drunken bouts, and badness as a direct result of a fruitless conduct likely acquired during the formative years.

After all, would you allow anyone doing any of the above to find something as precious as love simply because he asks... "How do I find love ?"

Should we offer others what is accepted in His eyes ~and not what is in yours or mine~ in due time He will give us what He considers necessary according to our deeds of love; and He will do so to everyone rightfully wondering "How and where do I find love."

he that sows with a view to things of the flesh
will reap corruption leading to death, but he that
sows with a view to love will reap everlasting life.

-- Galatians 6:8

there remains faith, hope, love, these three;
but the greatest of the three is love.

-- 1 Corinthians 13:13

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