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"When we no longer have fine cuisine, we will have no fine
paintings, no literature, no intelligence, no social harmony

-- Marie-Antoine Carême • 1784 - 1833

» How-To Of Herbs And Shrimp - Chef openly discloses what few people know about these secrets.

» Why French Women Are Not Fat - Their Sterling Figure is not achieved by jumping from diet to diet.

» Incredibly Simple Secret To Eat Healthy Food - The worthy written work from one knowledgeable Chef.

» Eating Healthy Food Is Easy With Paris Cuisine - Same Chef unveils his discoveries in recent trip to Paris.

» Nation of Gourmets - France - An informed traveler must gain culinary knowledge before arriving to France.

» French Mediterranean Diet Does Not Exist - French people's way to a long and healthy life without diets.

» French Mediterranean Diet - Benefits Of Herbs - A centuries-old secret from the land of Louis Pasteur.

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